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HIFU+RF+EMS to Dissolve Fat and Build Muscles


HIFU+RF+EMS to Dissolve Fat and Build Muscles

Product No.:MPTS-1

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HIFU+RF+EMS to Dissolve Fat and Build Muscles

Dissolve fat
Weight loss
Body Slimming
Contour shaping
Build Muscles
Skin tightening

Working theory:
This machine is a combination of HIFU+Radiofrequency+EMS technology,it operates quickly and safely in a 360-degree mode on the skin. The unique hall speed brushless motor focuses on the multi-dimensional intervention of fat at the point,line and surface of the energy,with the controlled radio frequency for emulsification and metabolism of fat,with high-frequency EMS energy for effective training of fat and muscles,so as to achieve the effects of fat dissolve,weight loss,skin tightening,muscle building.

From the inside out to improve sagging skin elasticity through 2 handles,8 layers can be carried out stage lifting,shaping,fat reduction on the abdomen,thighs,arms,buttocks,etc.

1.Humanized screen design
2.360-degree non-invasive 
3.Fast and efficient
4.Dissolve fat and build muscles at the same time
5.8 different probes for precise location of dissolved fat
6.Two handles: one handle is hifu with radiofrequency,one handle is hifu with EMS
7. Dot+line+surface 3 combined modes for the best treatment results

HIFU handle with radio frequency

HIFU handle with EMS

Technical Specifications:
Technology: HIFU+Radio Frequency+EMS
Power: 650W
Handles: 2 handles
Cartridges: 4 standard+4 optional,8 different layers

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