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Portable EMS Body Sculpt For Muscle-sculpting,Fat-reducing,Body-shaping


Portable EMS Body Sculpt For Muscle-sculpting,Fat-reducing,Body-shaping

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EMS Body Sculpt is a new generation of non-invasive muscle-building, fat-reducing, and body shaping.

It uses (EMS) electrical pulses to stimulate the continuous expansion and contraction of target muscle groups, thereby increasing muscle mass,endurance and strength.It can be used to firm and strengthen abdominal muscles, arms, legs and buttocks.The
Trusculpt can treat up to eight separate areas at the same time. The 16 handles are placed on multiple body areas or multiple muscle groups depending on your individual needs and goals. In the traditional way of exercise, muscle contraction and action are done by the brain sending signals to the nervous system and motor neurons to control the muscles. Trusculpt simulates the brain signals of the human body, and transmits motion signals directly to specific muscle groups through the handle, so that it induces rhythmic muscle contractions, and provides a more complete exercise with extremely high precision to strengthen and tighten to muscles.Unlike other devices, both the front and back of the body can be treated simultaneously, and Truescupt can also stimulate multiple muscles in a single treatment and provide more efficient and specific energy delivery to the targeted muscles. It is three times stronger than other muscle stimulation devices on the market, and is more comfortable for clients with superior results, as well as greatly improving the safety of the treatment. It is a safe and effective solution for men and women seeking to improve the shape, size and firmness of their abdomen or buttocks.

16 handles of EMS Body Sculpt

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