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1064nm+755nm Alexandrite Laser for Hair Removal&Skin Treatment


1064nm+755nm Alexandrite Laser for Hair Removal&Skin Treatment

Product No.:EB-DA

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Technology of alexandrite laser:
This instrument contains 2 advanced technologies: Nd:YAG (1064 nm) and Alexandrite (755 nm), binary laser emission with synchronised adjustable ratios.
This instrument provides optimal hair removal and skin treatment for all skin colours.
Regardless of the patient's skin type, the optimal wavelength can be selected to maximise the efficacy and comfort of laser hair removal, pigment and vascular lesion treatments and wrinkle reduction.
Powerful output coupled with high fluence, large spot size and high repetition rates provide rapid coverage of treatments.

Treatments of alexandrite laser:
hair removal
spider vein removal
pigmented lesion removal
vascular lesion removal
skin rejuvenation
nail fungus removal

Technical Parameters of alexandrite laser:
Technology: Alexandrite laser+Nd Yag laser
Wavelength: 755nm+1064nm
Screen: 10 inch digital real color LCD
Handle: fiber handle with skin cooling
Spot size: hair Removal 6-8-10-12mm;vascular treatment 14-16-18-20mm
Single pulse energy: 1064nm--160J; 755nm--100J
Max energy density (Fluence): 1064nm--353J/cm2; 755nm --212J/cm2
Pulse duration: 10-100ms
Pulse frequency: 1-4Hz
Indicating beam: 635nm diode 3mw
Power: 3800W
Package size: 105*55*135cm
Gross weight: 128kg
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