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Morpheus 8 Fractional Radiofrequency Machine Face+Body


Morpheus 8 Fractional Radiofrequency Machine Face+Body

Product No.:EB-G4

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Morpheus 8 Fractional Radiofrequency Machine Face+Body

1.Stimulate collagen regeneration, anti-aging and firming, improve skin laxity
2.Deep radio frequency heating, remove acne scars and marks
3. Fat and collagen remodeling, reduce cellulite fat, delicate skin texture
4. Remove fine lines and neck lines, restore skin luster and elasticity

Working Theory:
Morpheus 8 RF machine combines a number of innovative technologies for skin management, including traditional microneedle technology, RF radiofrequency thermal technology and new technology for spectral optimization. Microneedle technology produces micro-trauma by repeatedly puncturing the dermis with microneedles to stimulate collagen renewal and remodeling of the underlying dermis; RF Thermal Technology sends penetrating waves to the deeper layers of the skin, targeting tissues and cells, heating the deeper layers of the skin to dissolve lipids, and stimulating collagen remodeling of the dermis.

fixed mode

As a combination of multiple technologies,Morpheus 8 RF machine stimulates skin cell renewal and self-reorganization of skin tissues, realizing the beauty effect of blemish removal, acne removal, firming and anti-aging, improving skin texture and skin color, and realizing facial rejuvenation of different degrees.

burst mode

Features of Morpheus 8 RF machine:
1. Two handles,one for face,one for body
2. 4 types of treatment heads: 12 pin, 24 pin, 40 pin, nano-crystal head
3. Deepest radiofrequency fractional treatment, which can penetrate deep to 8mm subdermal adipose.
4. Original outbreak mode: deep segmented subcutaneous heating technology, a multi-level fixed-point superimposed treatment, energy delivery is uniform and stable.
5. Free to adjust the depth of the needles between 0.5 to 7mm, can be used in any thickness of the skin.
6. This microneedle radiofrequency is insulated probe "super sharp + high super gold-plated film + cone design": needle body 0.22mm, to the tip of the gradual thinning of the needle tip 0.1mm on the epidermis of the minimum damage to avoid burning the skin pigmentation, basically no pain, no blood,to improve safety and effectiveness

Morpheus 8 RF Handles

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