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2024 New Vela Shape +Cryolipolysis+Cavitation+Radiofrequency+Lipolaser


2024 New Vela Shape +Cryolipolysis+Cavitation+Radiofrequency+Lipolaser

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2024 New Vela Shape +Cryolipolysis+Cavitation+Radiofrequency+Lipolaser

Reduce waist size
Remove accumulated cellulite from lower abdomen and thighs
Reshape your body
Tighten sagging skin after weight loss
Facial lifting

(1)Vela Shape

Vela shape uses four different technologies (high-energy bipolar RF, broad-spectrum infrared light, vacuum negative pressure and roller massage) to achieve body shaping effects such as body girth reduction and cellulite removal. The four technologies can effectively promote fat cell and fibroblast metabolism, blood perfusion and lymphatic drainage, thereby significantly tightening the skin. Using a combination of broad-spectrum infrared and revolutionary bipolar RF technology, Vela Shape only reduces the size of fat cells without damaging other tissues. Vela Shape non-invasive body sculpting is not only effective, but also has long-lasting effects.

(2)360 Degree Cryolipolysis
The cryolipolysis system uses the constant vacuum generated by the suction cup to suck out a piece of fat, and each piece of fat is cyclically frozen. The cryolipolysis process will gradually absorb the heat of the subcutaneous fat, and the temperature of the fat cells will be very low. Low temperature kills fat cells without affecting the skin or muscles. The dead fat cells are then excreted through the liver without any external force. One treatment can reduce fat by 22%.

big cryolipolysis handle,with 4 treatment cups

middle cryolipolysis handle,with 3 treatment cups

#1 cup is ideal for longer vertical areas(like abdomen,flanks,arms and inner thighs)
#2 cups is ideal for abdomen
#3 cup is ideal for curved and narrow parts of the body.
#4 cup is ideal for flank and curved/narrow parts of the body.

Small cryolipolysis handle
It is ideal for chin,armpit fat.
Safely targets at delicate and hard-to-reach areas.
To make a smooth,contoured,youthful jawline and chin

(3) Cavitation

The fat-blasting cavitation technology is used to break down the fatty acids in the fat mass in the body and lose weight by burning fat, thereby promoting the body's blood circulation and eventually expelling it from the body.

(4) Radiofrequency
Continuous changes in radiofrequency current are used to stimulate charged electrons in cell molecules. This cyclic emission causes these electrons to collide and twist, thereby generating a large amount of heat, burning fat, and reducing fat volume. This method of weight loss is safer than traditional surgical fat extraction. It allows excess fat to be discharged very evenly and will not rebound.

body radiofrequency handle

face radiofrequency handle

(5) Lipolaser
Lipolaser uses photon red light therapy to safely and comfortably penetrate and emulsify the subcutaneous fat in the target area. As a non-invasive weight loss method that dissolves local fat, lipolaser does not cause any wounds and has no recovery period. It not only helps eliminate local excess fat, but also effectively shapes and creates a beautiful body curve.

Technical Specification of Vela Shape:




10.4 inch touch screen


1 pcs of Vela Shape handle

3 pcs of 360 Cryolipolysis

1 pcs of 40khz cavitation handle

1 pcs of body radiofrequency handle

1 pcs of face radiofrequency handle

8 pcs of lipolaser pads

Vela Shape System

Air pump vacuum power: 700 mmHg


Vacuum mode: continuous/pulse


Vacuum suction time: 1-10 seconds


Vacuum release time: 0.5-5 seconds


Infrared wavelength: 940nm

Cryolipolysis Systems

Cryolipolysis handle material: Medical Silicone


Cryolipolysis temperature: 5℃ to -11℃ adjustable


Heating temperature:37-45℃ adjustable,3 minutes


Heat temperature advantages:avoid the frostbit during cryo treatment




Light& wavelength:Blue(480nm)


Cryolipolysis Handle Screen: 4.3 inch touch screen


Large cryolipolysis handle: 1 handle,each with 4 cups


Middle cryolipolysis handle: 1 handle,each with 3 cups


Small cryolipolysis handle: 1 handle


Cooling areas:

large handle--175*70*45mm

middle handle--125*62*43mm           

Cavitation frequency


RF frequency



Lipolaser power:100mw/pcs


Lipolaser pads: 6 big lipolaser pads+2 small lipolaser pads



Cooling System

Semiconductor +water+air


110V-120V/220V-240V, 50/60Hz

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