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Flash Plasma Pen for skin tightening and lifting


Flash Plasma Pen for skin tightening and lifting

Product No.:EB-F2

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Working theory:
Flash plasma pen ionizes gases in the air and uses the voltage difference between the device and the skin to generate protoplasmic micro-lightning,
so that the plasma power stimulates cell regeneration, so as to achieve anti-aging, enhancing skin absorption, anti-bacterial skin purification,plasma skin tightening,
effective whitening and brightening muscle, improving fine lines, increasing skin elasticity, lifting face contour , removing spots and other effects.

Correction of eye bags
Face lifting
Eliminate fine lines
Spot removal
Skin tightening

Features of plasma skin tightening:
The plasma is different from the laser source,there is no specific chromophore.
Plasma forms heat from microcurrent.
Treating sagging skin with points can shrink as quickly as possible.
Skin elasticity is improved by the production of new collagen

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