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Portable MPT HIFU for facial firming,face lifting,wrinkle removal


Portable MPT HIFU for facial firming,face lifting,wrinkle removal

Product No.:EB-MPT-1

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MPT HIFU for facial firming,facial lifting,wrinkle removal
Technology--MPT HIFU
The machine utilizes an ultra-micropulse ultrasonic technology to switch the bidirectional instantaneous energy of the transverse linear acoustic pulse and the annular acoustic wave. The machine combines point/line/surface technology to achieve a full mode of 360 degree perfect seamless,full-layer anti-aging,multi-layer lifting and tightening with precise,comfortable,fast and lasting effects. In micro-pulse mode,the microsecond energy transmission mode has smaller and denser focus points than other machines,higher security,comfortable experience,shorter recovery period,more uniform and more efficient point distribution.
Facial lifting,
Stimulating new collagen
Eyelids lifting
Skin tightening
Wrinkle removal
Enhancing skin elasticity
Improving skin tone
6 technological breakthroughs:
The unique MPT technology maximizes the heat-intensive effect: 417 points are distributed in 1 line, making the heat energy more densely covered.
Shorter treatment time:
With two-way program, the treatment time is 2.5 times faster than the 3rd generation ultraformer.
360-degree facial lifting:
Both straight and circular patterns cover the entire skin and enhance the effect of the treatment.
The world's first HIFU introduction technology:
The unique Ultra Booster circle HIFU introduction technology allows the essence to reach the bottom of the skin.
Longer lasting effect than traditional HIFU:
A variety of different treatment cartridges, comprehensive coverage of the skin, comprehensive and long-lasting effect
Pain-free and non-invasive:
Optimized technology, the continuous accumulation of thermal energy can reduce pain.
The machine has:
3 handles,each with normal mode and micro pulse mode
10 cartridges

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