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Flat Cryolipolysis Coolsculpting with 8 Handles


Flat Cryolipolysis Coolsculpting with 8 Handles

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Flat Cryolipolysis Coolsculpting with 8 Handles

Discription of Cryolipolysis Coolsculpting:

This is an instrument that uses a selective and non-invasive freezing method to reduce local fat. Cryolipolysis coolsculpting is equipped with eight handles, allowing one handle to work independently or eight handles to work simultaneously. It uses a new integrated device refrigeration plate, which is non-vacuum. With adsorption refrigeration technology, the freezing plate is placed flat on the target area and fixed with straps. Cryolipolysis coolsculpting can be widely used in multiple parts of the body. Since fat cells are sensitive to low temperature, at low temperature of 5°C, the triglycerides in fat will convert from liquid to solid. After the fat cells crystallize and age, they will undergo apoptosis, dissolve, and be excreted through metabolism, but will not damage other subcutaneous cells ( Such as epidermal cells, melanocytes, dermal tissue and nerve fibers).
This is a safe and non-invasive cryolipolysis coolsculpting method that does not affect normal work, requires no surgery, no anesthesia, no medication, and no side effects. Before cooling, you can optionally conduct a 3-minute heating phase between 37°C and 45°C to accelerate local blood circulation, and then cool it by itself to deliver precisely controlled freezing energy to the designated parts. The fat cells will be cooled when they are cooled. After reaching a specific low temperature, triglycerides are converted from liquid to solid. The crystallized and aged fat cells will undergo apoptosis within 2-6 weeks, and then be excreted from the body through the autologous lymphatic system and liver metabolism. This cryolipolysis coolsculpting can reduce the treatment area by 20%-27% fat layer thickness at one time, eliminates fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue, thereby achieving a body shaping effect of localized lipolysis.
Cryolipolysis coolsculpting can radically reduce the number of fat cells with almost no chance of rebound.

8 Handles of Cryolipolysis coolsculpting

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