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Products > Mesotherapy > > Plasma Mesotherapy Skin Solution Conduction Machine
Plasma Mesotherapy Skin Solution Conduction Machine
Product name : Plasma Mesotherapy Skin Solution Conduction Machine
Product No. : EB-T2
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 Plasma Mesotherapy Skin Solution Conduction Machine

Working Theory:
Through TDDS plasma conduction technology, with the help of the released electrode energy, the product can be directly transported to different layers of the skin, effectively increasing the skin's moisture content and water retention, instantly replenishing the skin's bottom layer, and stimulating the rapid proliferation of collagen,to achieve the effect of anti-aging. Through stable cavitation,"Space Plasma" can increase cell absorption and product penetration,at the same time stimulates biological regulation and lymphatic system, enhance skin elasticity, regain newborn smooth skin.

"Space plasma" turns on the adhesion molecules (CAM) that connect skin cells and produces amazing absorption. Just 30 seconds, the solution is instantly absorbed by the skin. Strong low-temperature atmospheric plasma reacts on the surface of the skin, correcting cation dislocations inside and outside the cell membrane, restoring membrane potential to equilibrium, and using different essence solutions to bring skin rejuvenation, sterilization, antibacterial, whitening, and collagen Rejuvenation and other effects.

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