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14 in 1 hydra facial machine+skin scrubber+microdermabrasion


14 in 1 hydra facial machine+skin scrubber+microdermabrasion

Product No.:EB-O1-A

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 14 in 1 hydra facial machine+skin scrubber+microdermabrasion
14 in 1 facial machine:
2.diamond dermabrasion
3.skin scrubber
4.face radiofrequency
5.face ultrasound
6.eye ultrasound
7.oxygen spraying
8.photon light
9.micro-needling pen
10.foam airbrush
11.vucuum handle
12.bio microcurrent
13.high frequency
14.cold hammer
The specially designed small spiral nozzle directly acts on the skin. In a comfortable state, deep cleanses, exfoliates the aging epidermal cells, makes it easier for the nutritional essence and water to penetrate deep into the skin tissue, and quickly removes excess oil and aged cutin. At the same time, it introduces soothing and repairing factors, enhances the skin barrier function, improves skin texture, shrinks pores, and returns the skin to a moist and plump state.
Skin Scrubber
3 modes: clear dirt of facial and stratum corneum to achieve deep cleansing effect
Photon magic light
Natural and gentle light,fits all kinds of skin,especially useful for seriously irritated skin and acne skin
Cleansing the skin
Deeply cleanse the skin, soften the cutin, and remove the dirt inside the skin
Conditioning the skin
Regulate the internal environment of the skin, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing, and promote the synthesis of collagen
Repair the stratum corneum, promote the production of epidermal hyperplasia, production of fibrous cells, repair the skin barrier
Balance skin oil, reduce pores,tighten the skin
very effective for skin care and repair:
deep skin cleansing
nano spray
shrink pores
calm the skin
reduce double chin
skin nutrition absorption
facial lifting and tightening
lymphatic drainage

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